Public preference, post 9/11 security concerns, and system service practices, are increasingly causing new and replacement cable to be placed in underground conduit. Communications manholes serve as conduit termination points for both fiber optic and copper wire cables. Manholes facilitate the pulling of cable through conduit, provide a secure space for cable splicing, and enable the redirection of cable away from the manhole.


Cretex Midwest produces a wide range of shapes and sizes of telecommunications structures to accommodate unique customer needs. Often these structures are placed in or near roadways and must withstand highway traffic design loading. On airports, signaling/communications manholes are designed to withstand heavy aircraft traffic loading.
Precast concrete structures are ideal for these applications because they can be installed and backfilled immediately, thus expediting the conduit bank installation project and resulting in minimum inconvenience to the traveling public.
Where the structure weight and site accessibility are within capacity limits, PEM often sets communications and electric power manholes for customers with our 50,000 pound capacity trailer-crane equipment, which equipment also serves as the delivery vehicle.
6' x 6' x 6'-4" Manhole    
Sprint Corporate Headquarters Campus,
Overland Park, KS.
6' x 12' x 7' ID Manhole    
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO., Base fiber optic enhancement    
6' x 12' x 7' ID Manhole    
Fort Riley, KS., Base fiber optic enhancement    
12' x 6' x 8' Telecommunications Manhole    
Campus Communication System Upgrade    
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
7' x 7' x 6'-6" ID Fiber-optic Vault    
Set With Construction Tower-Crane    
New Corporate Headquarters Building    
Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha, Neb.    

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